Dan Krikorian – Windsor Blue

Dan Krikorian uses folk, pop, soul, country and blues in his new album, Windsor Blue, to create something delightfully charming. Shifting styles from the raw emotion of his first record, Oxford Street, Windsor Blue is Krikorian’s third effort showcasing his growth, and, though, it has a more polished sound it’s still no different from the majority of folk-pop albums out there. I don’t want to take away from the record or Krikorian, but, honestly, it isn’t unique. However, it’s  the album’s approachable melodies and Krikorian’s varying influences that permeate Windsor Blue making it an attractive collection that caught my ear.  With its polished and thoughtful arrangements the album shines with the bluesy vibe of “Maggie” and the delicate piano ballad “Quincy” while Krikorian gets playful on the piano in “Thief Like That.” The soulful and upbeat style of “New York City Day” has just the right amount of horns and “Isabelle” is adorned with touches of the pedal steel. The dulcet waltz of “Goodbye Waltz” is tender and sensitive whereas the fiddle flourishes and the harmonies make “Windsor Blue” a strong offering demonstrating Krikorian’s talent for blending folk. With all this being said, Windsor Blue may sound all too familiar with its mainstream accesibility, but  it is still an enjoyable and gratifying listen.

Purchase Windsor Blue

Dan Krikorian’s Website

“Thief Like That”


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