Shakey Graves – Roll The Bones

“Georgia Moon” has to be the sweetest drinking and driving song ever.  Which, of course, is about an unsettling of a notion as having a pit bull run up to you with a child’s shoe in its mouth and want to play. But if you can dismiss the possible precedents and consequences of these kind of events and just get caught up in the moment, then yeah, shine on, Georgia Moon.

Many of the other songs on Roll The Bones teeter between beauty and mischief as well.  In “To Cure What Ails…,” Alejandro Rose-Garcia, the actor-turned-musician behind Shakey Graves, sings “Love seems easier when it comes but the coming is just the first part of having to leave,” leaving you wondering if this is a heartbreak song or sexual innuendo.  It’s also open to debate whether Rose-Garcia is a man on the run or just someone who likes to roam and gets in trouble along the way. Regardless, his life seems to provide rich song material.  In “Word of Mouth,” he shares some choice advice for people in his position:  “If you value your life, stay off the drugs.  If you value drugs, stay off the map.  If you value maps, you better travel, son.  If you don’t wanna travel, then you better run.”

Roll The Bones has a similar aesthetic — with its hand claps, minimal instrumentation, and lyrical irreverence — to the Palace Brothers’ debut album, There Is No-One What That Will Take Care Of You.  More importantly, there is a similar quality of songwriting to There Is No-One What That Will Take Care Of You, suggesting that there are likely to be many great things to come from Rose-Garcia. Lucky for us, the wait won’t be long: his Tumblr blog indicates that he’s currently in the studio recording a follow-up album.

Purchase & stream Roll The Bones.


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