Mark Your Calendars for David Simard’s Slower, Lower

I’m so happy I stayed up so late perusing Bandcamp last night!  If I hadn’t, I would never have found this amazing artist. David Simard is an “avant-garde” Canadian folk singer to be excited about and his upcoming album, Slower, Lower, is one to anticipate. No joke! This is some great shit! His mix of styles make it hard to pin down an exact sound, so you just have to hear it for yourself but I’ll give it a try. “The Knife” is a little folk, a little pop, a hint of jazz combined with a perfect indie touch that includes a driving bass and subdued strings.  And, “Guilty” has a jazzy piano bar feel that will transport you back into time while “This Home” is a melancholy piano ballad where Simard’s falsetto is reminiscent of James Vincent McMorrow. So, c’mon people, I beseech you to listen to the four tracks posted to his bandcamp site, and, PLEASE, pre-order the album. Have I ever done you wrong?

Stream & Pre-Order Slower, Lower


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