Folk Singer, Caleb Stine, Takes the Stage in Off-Broadway Woody Guthrie Play

Caleb Stine is a favorite here at Common Folk Music for his first-rate folk/country songs and knowledge. Expanding on these talents, Stine has partnered with playwright and friend, Michael Patrick Flanagan Smith, on developing and arranging the soundtrack for Smith’s Off-Broadway play, Woody Guthrie Dreams.

For nearly ten years,  Smith has researched and written Woody Guthrie Dreams. The play depicts the important events and people in Guthrie’s life as well as his struggle with inner demons and Huntington’s Disease while trying to cure the world one song at a time. And, in addition to writing the stage production, Smith will take the lead role as Woody while Caleb Stine will play the part of Guthrie’s comrade, Cisco Houston. So, if you’re in New York City anytime between September 8th and October 1st, go see Woody Guthrie Dream at the Theater for the New City.

For more information about the play and purchasing tickets go to Woody Guthrie Dream website.

“I Got To Know”

“Howdi Do”


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