Brown Bird – The Sound of Ghosts EP

If Brown Bird’s forthcoming album, Salt for Salt, sounds anything like their latest EP, The Sound of Ghosts, then we’re all in for something absolutely KICKASS. I’m definitely STOKED!

Brown Bird, a Rhode Island-based band has gone through a lot of geographical and membership changes over the years, but it’s David Lamb and partner Morganeve Swain who are the essence of the band. Their layers of harmony and guitar grounded by the beat of percussion and upright bass create amazing songs with depth and strength.

The Sound of Ghosts is a collection of rickety songs of foot-stomping folk, Americana and blues all imbued with gypsy influence. Starting with two terrific tracks, “Ragged Old Town” a gritty, hand-clappin’ uptempo bluesy number and “Bilgewater” (also featured on Salt for Salt) is a down-and-dirty, dark bluesy tune with rich, deep vocals and guitar combined with Swain’s svelte harmonizing. While the closing tracks, “Rat Tail File” and “Cast No Shadow,” have a clear gypsy, Eastern European influence.

Stream & Download The Sound of Ghosts
Pre-Order Salt for Salt


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