Light For Fire – Light For Fire

Light For Fire’s debut self-titled album is yet another album to rise from the ashes of a broken heart. Led by J. Nicholas Allard, who also wrote the songs on the plane ride back from Brooklyn to Portland, Oregon after a not-so-great visit with an old friend. So, as the story goes, Allard sequestered himself in the basement with a four-track cassette player, some Irish whiskey, and a song for “Christine” (whoever she is). The result is a record about isolation, alcoholism, and unrequited love.

After a falling-out of sorts with former bandmate, Jeremy Sherrer, from The Village Green, Allard and Sherrer  reconciled and began discussing collaborating again. After Sherrer heard Allard’s demos, they began to make an album that is more honest than anything The Village Green has put out.

Light For Fire is an indie-rock creation shaded with hints of folk and Americana. It opens on an alt-country/Americana note with “The Huckster” while the second track “NY (By the Hand)” is a slight rocker with a subdued riotousness while telling an exciting tale of lessons learned in NYC with a little help from “Christine.” In the third track, “Something Wicked This Way Comes,” an Americana influence can be heard through the lap steel and strummed guitar. “Spurned By Lovers” is a soft, dreamy ballad with a delicately finger-picked guitar. Then, the album closes with the acoustic, folk-inspired  “4th of July” and the subdued acoustic turned sonorous  “St. Stephen’s Day.”

This definitely isn’t the best album I’ve heard, but it is good. Basically, it’s a strong debut effort for a new indie rock band.

Stream & Purchase Light For Fire
Light For Fire’s Website


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