Corinna Rose

Corinna Rose

Here’s a song to help you get through Monday. It’s called “Belle Guitare” and it comes from Corinna Rose’s new self-titled EP. It’s a good ol’ barnburner of a tune that slowly builds before erupting into a three alarm blaze. By the time the third verse rolls around, the whole band has joined in and you’ll likely want to start kicking holes in your cubicle. Proceed with caution. The rest of the EP is worth picking up as well, especially at its name-your-own-price rate. “Born on a Mountain” has a similar vibe to “Belle Guitare,” whereas the other two tracks — “Amanda” and “Hymn for a Heartbreaker” — tend more towards indie and are reminiscent of early Ida.

Rose’s previous musical project, the Rusty Horse Band, also has a single up on Bandcamp called “Green Mountain State.”  The track is a catchy little number that exists at the intersection of indie and folk and is used in Sarah Polley’s new movie Take This Waltz.

Corinna Rose Website

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