April’s Picks For The Best Albums of 2011

Well, we are now at the end of the year – the time when “normal” people reflect on everything that has happened, but for music bloggers the time when we choose what we think are the best albums of the year. So, here are my favorites that I have deemed “the best”…

15. From A Spark – Ghosts I’ve Met


14. The Holy Coming of the Storm – Cahalen Morrison & Eli West

“Over There”

13. Early in the Morning – James Vincent McMorrow

“If I Had A Boat”

12. Last of the Country Gentlemen – Josh T. Pearson

“Woman When I’ve Raised Hell”

11. Here We Rest – Jason Isabell & the 400 Unit

“Alabama Pines”

10. Believers – A.A. Bondy

“Rte 28 / Believers”

9. Follow Me Down – Sarah Jarosz

“Come Around”

8. Ashes & Fire – Ryan Adams

“Lucky Now”

7. Nothing is Wrong – Dawes

“If I Wanted Someone”

6. Field Songs – William Elliott Whitmore

“Field Songs”

5. Horse Latitudes – Jeffrey Foucault

“Starlight & Static”

4. Winter King – Tyler Butler


3. Salt Year – Chris Bathgate

“Salt Year”

2. Fire on the Vine – Bryan John Appleby

“The Lake”

1. Homes – Great American Desert (Formerly Known as South of Lincoln)

“Man, Pt. 1”


6 thoughts on “April’s Picks For The Best Albums of 2011

  1. Great list and also the first one I’ve seen that has Salt Year by Chris Bathgate at an appropriate level. Everyone should definitely listen to the whole album. Meanwhile, I am really enjoying Bryan John Appleby who is new to me. Definitely will purchase that one (at least that one). Thanks!!! Nice job.

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