Rivulets – We’re Fucked

As winter approaches and the night begins to fall sooner and the snow starts to clutter the sky, Rivulets’ new album, We’re Fucked, is the perfect ambient note for the setting. It’s not a record you can get cozy to, instead it’s a collection of songs that are as bleak as the cold, gray skies synonymous with this time of year. Not intended to be a warm and fuzzy album, frontman, Nathan Amundson, says this about We’re Fucked in a press release: “It reflects the feeling and atmosphere of the songs in some ways but probably has more to do with my own frustration with the world — with people and politics and the lack of any meaningful or lasting change. And just being sick of nobody out there saying anything at all. Just this completely vapid cultural/musical landscape.” Although We’re Fucked is a good album, there are a couple of standout tracks such as their Red House Painter moments in  “Sheep Among Wolves”, “I Don’t Want To Be Found” and “The Road”. But, keep in mind, this slowcore selection may tend to bore and drag to some since there isn’t a lot of variety, therefore it isn’t for everyone.

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