Fire Mountain – Of the Dust EP

I’ve been listening to Fire Mountain’s second EP, Of the Dust, for about a month now and I still can’t find a flaw. Blending rock and folk, this Alabama-based band delivers quality songs about struggles, fears, triumphs, and life. Formed in Troy, Alabama by frontman and main songwriter, Perry Brown, Of the Dust shows serious growth. And, with the help of singer/songwriter Arthur Alligood, all of the songs come together in a tight, cohesive manner. Each member playing their respective instrument there is nothing superfluous and the music is never pretentious; instead, it’s accessible and universal. Still, it’s Perry’s raspy voice that sometimes sounds desperate (“Fade”), resolute (“Black Heart”) and heartbreaking (“Why I Can’t Stay”) gives the EP it’s seasoned quality.  All-in-all, Of the Dust is excellent. It’s an EP you’ll want in your collection.

Fire Mountain’s Website
Stream & Purchase Of the Dust EP


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