Damien Jurado – Maraqopa

For the past couple of days, Damien Jurado’s new album, Maraqopa, has been filling my home, car, mind, body and soul.  This album is like a drug. When I pushed “play” it entered my bloodstream, warmed my body, heightened my senses, and sent me into an euphoric state. If there was a way to actually shoot up this album, I would. And, because of Maraqopa, I’ve become a Damien Jurado junkie.

My first introduction – the gateway drug, if you will – was “Nothing is the News”, a swirling, trippy piece of psychedelic indie-folk rock that had my head spinning with the sheer power of its awesomeness. I mean, this song completely took control of my mind creating some kind of oneness with the tune, and by the time I woke up from this five minute mystical experience I was hooked. Jurado also produces some more subdued moments on Maraqopa like the wistfully haunting “Working Titles” and the brutally honest “So On, Nevada”, but it’s “Museum of Flight” that has become my drug of choice. A light and airy track about love and the lessons of love that glides so easily through the air I forgot he was going down in flames. It truly is a gloriously smooth jam which makes it all too easy for me to press “repeat” repeatedly.

Maraqopa drops on February 21st via Secretly Canadian, but don’t wait, this is an album you need now. All the cool kids are listening to it. So, if you want to be one of the “cool” kids, you’ll have to pre-order the album for an instant gratification download. And, I promise, you’ll be gratified and satisfied.

Damien Jurado: Website; Facebook; Twitter
Pre-Order Maraqopa

“Museum of Flight”


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