The Local Strangers – Devils & Ghosts EP

I’m supposed to be writing a review for another album, but when The Local Strangers’ new two-song EP lands in your inbox, you just can’t deny the power that is Matt Hart and Aubrey Zoli…And, powerful it is.

Devils & Ghosts is their first studio release to feature their entire live band and brilliantly showcases Aubrey’s amazing vocal chops. They give you two great songs worthy of the “repeat” button. The first track, “Devil and a Stiff Drink,” is an awesome assault on the ears. Aubrey attacks the vocals. Ah, hell, she doesn’t attack the vocals, she kicks their ass! And, with the addition of the slide guitar and percussion this song will rock your world. Then, the second song, “Give Up the Ghost”, starts with the more familiar Aubrey with her tender and expressive voice, but when the girl let’s go, she really let’s go with no abandon. My God, I’ve never had my mind blown by just two songs until now.

Devils & Ghosts is dramatic, explosive, graceful and a lot more, so make sure you download it. No excuses. It’s free.  Also, if you can, y’all need to catch them live as they will be touring regionally and working on a full-length record due out later in the year.

The Local Strangers: Website; Facebook; Twitter
Stream & Download Devils & Ghosts


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