Zachary Lucky – Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan. What can I tell you about this province? Nothing. I’ve never been, but I would like to go. And, since writing Common Folk Music I have had a rush of Canadian submissions and gained quite a few Canadian friends causing my fondness for my Northern neighbors to grow. So, it is through this kind of kinship that I long to visit…No. I long to live in it’s vast dichotomic environs where mountains, prairies, wildernesses and metropolises meet, but all the people seem the same – earthy, friendly, hospitable and polite. I want to live where there is a sense of pride and community and where the community is music and that is how I imagine Canada.

This sense of pride is clearly shown by Zachary Lucky on his new album, Saskatchewan. Lucky, one of the hardest-working musicians in Canada is known for his long tours that crisscross Canada, so it’s only natural that he wrote an album that acts as a love letter to his home province. Saskatchewan is a pensive album where every song is beautifully crafted with the melancholic longing found in the homesick heart of a touring musician. It’s stark instrumentation brings attention to the personal and candid lyrics that deal with themes of separation and pining.  The song “Back in the Fall” alludes to a personal relationship between two people while my favorite track, “Leaves Are Falling”,  is another track about the separation of two lovers featuring the lovely vocals of Carly Maicher.  The leaving happens in the aptly titled “Leaving Pt. 1” and the desire to return in the title track which also showcases the bittersweet pedal steel played by Lucas Goetz.

While listening to Saskatchewan I get a sense of what it’s like to be Canadian, more specifically a Saskatchewanian (?), and it makes me want to call Saskatchewan my home. And, unlike the massive province it is dedicated to, it’s quite small. Saskatchewan plays for about 20 minutes, therefore I’m not sure if it’s an album or EP, but I do know that it is well worth buying.

Buy & Stream Saskatchewan
Zachary Lucky: Website; Facebook; Twitter


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