Tyler Butler – Winter King Re-Release

Winter King.  Anyone who has been a loyal reader knows my love for this album and its creator Tyler Butler, and those who are not will quickly find out because Tyler has remastered Winter King and is re-releasing it under Yer Bird Records on March 20. The album was featured in the top 5 of my Best of 2011 list, and if I thought it was awesome then…well…it’s phenomenal now! Recorded in Tyler’s home in late 2010, Winter King is the perfect soundscape of a winter’s isolation in Edmonton. This revamped version includes the remastered cuts of the first four tracks known as the House Painter EP, fan favorite “Feral Horse”, and now making its appearance “Winter King”. Borrowing heavily from winter mythologies, Tyler integrates these myths to create wonderful creatures and characters who develop incredible tales for his hometown of Edmonton. And, even though the first recording of Winter King was a selection of lo-fi loveliness, this improved re-release is as crisp and pristine as the air from which it was written.

Stream Winter King
Winter King Website
Tyler Butler: Facebook; Twitter
Yer Bird Records: Website; Facebook; Twitter

“Winter King”


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