Pickering Pick – Prayer Flag

High up in the mountains of the Himalayas are colorful cloths strung along its rugged ridges and peaks called prayer flags. These flags are used to bless the surrounding countryside and homes with their woodblock-printed symbols, mantras and prayers that are carried off by the wind sending positive vibrations and balance to the inhabitants and their environment. And, like these prayers floating in the wind, Pickering Pick’s poetic lyrics drift across his delicately fingerpicked guitar lines emanating some hope, remembrance and beauty into the universe on his new album, Prayer Flag.

An Englishman whose genteel charm rings clearly through the fresh and open sound of his California-based vibe, Pickering Pick has created a laid back, peaceful, almost spiritual album perfect for the new beginning that is Spring. Pickering Pick who released his last album, Tiger Balm, on Yer Bird last Summer, independently released Prayer Flag in February. Keeping on the same path as Tiger Balm, Prayer Flag continues his steady climb upwards reaching new heights where he creates beauty and plants “prayer flags” with each peak he calls an album.

Stream & buy Prayer Flag
Pickering Pick: Facebook; Twitter; Yer Bird Records


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