The Great American Desert – Carson City

Photo taken by DP Muller

Yer Bird Records is widely known in the folk, indie-folk, and singer-songwriter community as having some of the best artists on their roster, and, now, The Great American Desert, also known as Max Holmquist, has joined the label. On June 26th, Holmquist will be releasing a new album under his new moniker entitled Carson City.

As a CFM reader you should already be acquainted with Max under his former stage name, South of Lincoln. While under the name South of Lincoln, Max released Homes in 2011, an album that eloquently explores his obsession with the meaning of home, landing in the #1 spot on my Best of 2011 list.  However, during this time, Max experienced a rebirth, shedding his South of Lincoln persona for a more downtempo, minimalist folk sound as The Great American Desert.

Still exploring the definition of home in Carson City, Max develops complex and harrowing tales with layers of family, alcoholism, love, and heartbreak. The entire album plays like a sepia-toned slideshow creating images to go along with an old and sad family story that a grandparent would reluctantly pass down to the younger generation. When listening to Carson City you become an invested and invisible part of this family and their tragic tale. It’s quite an extraordinary experience. This is the singer-songwriter genre at its best, separating and placing Max at the genre’s apex.

Carson City can be pre-ordered at Bandcamp for both digital and vinyl formats. As an added bonus a free CD version of the album will be included with all pre-ordered vinyls. It is important to note that this album is not being sold as a CD, so the vinyl package is an offer that shouldn’t be missed!

Pre-order Carson City
Carson City Website
The Great American Desert: Website; Facebook; TwitterYer Bird
South of Lincoln: Bandcamp


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