April’s Best of 2012…So far.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already June and time to make my list of what I think is the best albums that 2012 has to offer so far this year. Remember that this is only the middle of the year and some of these albums may change by the end of the year. Now, for my top eleven…I know it’s an odd number, but this is just how it worked out.

1. Stray Ashes, JBM


2. Joy and Better Days, Hip Hatchet


3. Fear Fun, Father John Misty

“Well, You Can Do It Without Me”

4. Carson City, The Great American Desert

“Carson City”

5. Baptist Girls, Bro. Stephen

“Tears On Tape”

6. Maraqopa, Damien Jurado

“Museum of Flight”

7. Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon A Sun, The Wooden Sky 

“Malibu Rum”

8. The Great Despiser, Joe Pug

“Hymn #76”

9. Old Fashioned, John Statz


10. Ginko, Joan Shelley


11. Barna Howard, Barna Howard

“Promise, I Won’t Laugh”


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