Extra! Extra! Common Folk Music Now Offers PR Services

Two years ago, I created Common Folk Music out of the need to live the lofty dream of one day becoming the female, folk counterpart to Lester Bangs. Although this grandiose dream never came true, I did manage to make some of it happen by way of this small blog. In the time Common Folk Music has been running it has had success, so with this success and experience I am proud to announce that Common Folk Music is now offering Public Relations and Promotional services to artists and record labels.

Common Folk Music PR provides various packages and services at a reasonable rate to assist musicians and record labels in reaching out to new audiences as well as existing fans. The services offered are original artist/band biographies, one-sheets, bookings, social media management, physical mailings, and more.

For more information regarding Common Folk Music PR as well as my packages and rates visit the PR page which is clearly marked “PR Services” at the top of this page.


2 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! Common Folk Music Now Offers PR Services

  1. Great! I would also add music tour press to your services. In order to carry out a successful PR campaign for any musician it is important to generate hype for every show.

    • Thanks for the friendly advice! Just because it isn’t listed in the post or webpage doesn’t mean it isn’t offered. My services are discussed when I talk with each artist, band, and/or record label individually.

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