Southeast Engine – Canaanville EP

Canaanville is the latest EP from Ohio indie folk rockers Southeast Engine. This collection of four new songs seems to be a continuation of their critically acclaimed album Canary (a must-have in my opinion). Stories of hope and despair in half-abandoned towns in Appalachia and the people that strive to survive harsh new economic conditions. For fans who loved Canary, here’s your chance to get a few more songs that you’re sure to love just as much. For the uninitiated though, you’re in for a real treat as you learn about this great band. I recommend you buy both Canary and the Canaanville EP, and then quickly proceed to checking out their back catalogue as well.

Canaanville is not a collection of album rejects or anything of that nature. These are strong songs. The band’s respect for these songs is palpable in their reverent delivery and for good reason. Adam Remnant’s songwriting shines as brightly as ever and sheds light on the hard lives of hard people. “Great Awakening” and “C&O Railway” stand out to me as particularly powerful songs.

Enjoy and try to catch them live as they tour through your town.

Southeast Engine: website

Buy Canary for $12 and get free Canaanville EP from Misra Records: grandma’s store

“Old Oak Tree”


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