Show Me Shows – Quarter Mile Thunder

Courtesy of Jarred Gastreich

The super kickass blog, Show Me Shows, has asked moi along with a handful of other blogs to host their amazing videos while their site is under construction.

So today, I’ll be posting two terrific videos from the “Show Me (Road) Shows” collection of a relatively unknown band called Quarter Mile Thunder. Now, why this Chicago-based band isn’t as well-known as they should be is beyond me. Their album, Twist, with its pump organs humming, guitars strumming, and Ben’s quiet vocals softly singing is incredibly bewitching and mystical, and the Show Me Shows’ production was able to capture all of that.

The sessions were shot as part of a road trip Show Me Shows took to Chicago and Minneapolis to cover Quarter Mile Thunder and a few other bands. Interestingly, the studio they shot the session in used to belong to Jay Bennett of Wilco, and the framed picture at the beginning of “It’s All The Same To You” is a photo of Jay that had been painted by someone in Mexico.

Show Me Shows: Website; Facebook; Twitter
Quarter Mile Thunder: Facebook; Twitter


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