Denver – Denver

Denver is an excellent six-piece band based out of Portland, Oregon featuring some area players that include a couple members from the band Blitzen Trapper. Denver’s self-titled debut album is a great collection of classic country sounding songs about losing love, moving on, dancing, and looking for positives in life that you just have to dig a little to find.

If there was any justice in the world, this is the kind of country music that would be playing on every mainstream country music radio and television station instead of what I’ve read Vince Gill describe as “you’re sexy, I’m sexy, let’s get in my truck” type of modern pop songwriting that passes for country music these days. Denver’s music is accessible. It’s got that high lonesome sound, but with lyrics that temper your blues with that important ounce of optimism and maybe even a dash of fun in the right spots. The overall sound definitely has an early 70s throwback country type feel with banjo, mandolin, harmonica, pedal steel guitar, bluegrass inspired harmonies, and lifting lead vocals bathed in a classic reverb and southern drawl. To put it simply, it just works. Some of these songs are sweet and slow and others fly just shy of full on honky tonk romps.The band is tight and accomplished and seems like they’d be pretty badass to see live.

Anyone else love The Flying Burrito Brothers? If so, I’m gonna venture to guess that you’re gonna dig this band. Take a listen and see for yourself.

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Denver: Website; Facebook


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