The Local Strangers – “Mr. Blackberry”

I’m just making this short. A quick introduction to The Local Strangers’ upcoming album, Left For Better, due to hit your ears on November 5th. Be prepared to rock your socks off. The opening track and lead single, “Mr. Blackberry,” is a high impact, high velocity folk anthem of astonishingly powerful vocals, hand-claps, tambourine, and what looks like a National steel resonator. However, I’m not going to go into an album review yet; but, I will say that it is exciting, intense, sweet, rowdy, and so much more. Without a doubt this is an album I urge…no implore….you to buy. So, head on over to The Local Strangers’ website or bandcamp page and pre-order this amazing album. Oh, and while you’re there, download “Mr. Blackberry” for free.

The Local Strangers: Website; Bandcamp; Facebook; Twitter


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