Count This Penny – Pitchman

Count This Penny is a group I’ve been enjoying for a while. Since their EP Plymouth Duster, I have been loving their harmonies, songwriting, and musical talents, but it’s with their new release and first full-length album Pitchman that I find myself especially smitten with the trio. And, when the band takes its name from a Sesame Street sketch…well, then, their exceptionally hard to dislike.

Pitchman is an extraordinary album brimming with beautiful harmonies, crisp instrumentation, excellent songwriting, and growth. It’s the growth that stands out the most. Every note and word has meaning and every song is unforgettable. After listening to Pitchman, the songs seem to stick with you and follow you throughout the day. Beginning with “Roll Up Your Sleeves,” Count This Penny has your undivided attention with the relatable story about a breakup told by two very captivating voices. Then, the album moves to my favorite song on the album — the title track. It’s probably one of the best songs about a heartbreak I’ve heard. The track is well-written, developed, and conceptually brilliant. The lyrics are eloquent and Amanda Rigell’s voice is delicately forlorn and absolutely gorgeous. Everything about this song leaves an impression. “Medicine” is a great song with a slight sense of urgency and affliction in Allen Rigell’s vocals and the racing banjo of John Ray. But, the one thing that stands out the most in this song is the wonderful violin solo in the middle and the brief trill is a beautiful touch. Their storytelling talent and songwriting shines in songs like the sweet revenge of “Big Tall Pines” and the dark tale of suicide in “Mountain.” Closing out the album is the up-tempo, down-home goodness of the Southern gospel-esque song “Mother” which reminds me of the music I hold dear and near to my heart.

On Pitchman, Count This Penny gives us a collection of fantastic folk with a touch of bluegrass brillance and  a lot of catchy melodies and on-point harmonies. So, if you have never heard of this fantastic trio, I suggest that you do so after reading this post. I guarantee that you’ll find that Count This Penny doesn’t need a “pitchman” to pitch the album, the trio’s talents alone do a great job selling it to anyone who will listen.

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Count This Penny: Website; Facebook; Twitter


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