Kites & Crows – More For The Mender

I’ve been well aware of the Ashland, Oregan based indie-folk trio, Kites & Crows, for a couple of years now, and I would like to the world to know more about this talented group of musicians. Formed by singer-songwriter and musician Mysha Caruso after meeting fellow multi-instrumentalists Jesse Baldwin and Nancy Martin while working at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Kites & Crows have finally released their debut full-length album More For The Mender.

While listening to More For The Mender, I couldn’t help but think it’s a perfect soundtrack to an independent movie. It contains twelve original tracks that hit on an array of feelings using great musical textures and melodies to accompany those emotions from the happiness in the light, dancing banjo in “By Your Side” to the pensive lullaby of “Hollow Trust” and  the moody dobro in “Rusty Heart.” But, the standout instrument is Caruso’s voice naturally projecting the emotional character of each song. Recorded in a home studio, More For The Mender really showcases Kites &  Crows’ growth as musicians and songwriters especially in their revamped version of their well-known song “Paper Chains.” Overall, More For The Mender is a wonderful and polished collection of songs that are both familiar, timeless, and fresh.

Stream & Buy More For The Mender
Kites & Crows: Website; Facebook; Twitter


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