Angel Snow – Angel Snow

Angel Snow may owe part of her success to Alison Krauss, but, mostly, it was fate, faith, and Angel’s songwriting abilities that has landed her on the fast track to the unlimited possibility for a more successful career. I wasn’t completely blown away by Angel’s sophomore, self-titled as there were more mediocre songs than outstanding. On the other hand, when Angel finds her stride and connects with the lyrics I feel that she could be both a singing and songwriting force. “Lie Awake” which Angel and songwriting partner Viktor Krauss wrote for Alison Krauss’s Grammy comeback Paper Airplanes is a fine example of what she is capable of writing, but vocally, she paints a far more haunting, tense, and vivid picture of the despair of domestic violence. And, there’s a sense of strength and hope in the sorrowing and introspective lyrics of the standout “Holiday.”  So, although this isn’t an album that I’ll remember, I do recognize that Angel Snow has the talent and potential to create something great.

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“Lie Awake”


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