Shaker Steps and Common Folk Music Presents Tyler Childers Featuring Russell Waddell: “Charleston Girl”


I’m privileged to host another video from Tyler Childers’ Shaker Steps video session at Longwood Antique Woods. And, if you missed the first post, Shaker Steps is a video blog based in Lexington, Kentucky with a mission to share the music from the area as well as some of the great acts passing through the city, while showcasing some of the local mom-and-pop store and other unique attractions Lexington has to offer. For Tyler’s sessions, the boys from Shaker Steps chose the world famous and progressive Longwood Antique Woods — a business that reclaims and recycles wood from barns and fence posts from local horse stables. The rustic atmosphere and lazy St. Bernard is an excellent and cozy setting for a down-home jam session.

“Charleston Girl” is something I’m familiar with. Although I’m not from Charleston, West Virginia exactly, but here in Ripley, we have two choices – Charleston or Parkersburg – and, I usually choose the former. Aside from Charleston being the hub of any kind of culture and excitement, it is also the city I spent the majority of my formative years in and the home of my alma mater, The University of Charleston, so I feel like I know a little something.

The first thing that might stick out to those who are familiar with the local West Virginia music scene is Tyler’s shout out to the thrashgrass band, The Fabulous Brothers Steele. And, rest assured, Tyler has no intentions of giving Justin Steele and his brothers a piece of his mind. In fact, Tyler is quite fond of the guys, it just sounded better than what really happened that night. If you’re brave, I’m sure Tyler wouldn’t mind it if you used your imagination to come up with a few crazy scenarios.

Anyway, “Charleston Girl” is a catchy lil’ ditty about his first time playing in Charleston. He opened for The Fabulous Brothers Steele, hung out at Occupy Charleston, and was shown the town in the only way hanging out with a trashgrass band can. Again, use your imagination, because I sure as hell have no clue, and I’m not sure I want to know, but I’m hoping that Tyler comes back to town, so I can tag-along.

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Longwood Antique Woods


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