Dee’s Top 10 list of albums for 2012

Kazimierz_Przerwa-Tetmajer_listening_to_radioLet me just start by saying that I’m not a huge fan of ranking artistic endeavors. All this stuff is relatively subjective anyway, right? So with that in mind I’m just offering my personal Top 10 favorites. I put them in order of how I favor each personally, but that just happens to be my current mood as I look back. I tried to be true to my own personal feelings as opposed to trying to conform to some objective belief about their larger artistic value.

Let me also say that I’ve separated out 3 albums by 3 iconic figures whose musical presence in my mind loom so large that I cannot fairly put them in the same category for ranking. They deserve something beyond rank to me. Perhaps ALL albums deserve something beyond rank, but… it is what it is. This ain’t rocket science. I just hope that if you haven’t heard something I’ve listed, that you go check it out for yourself and give it a listen. I think you’ll enjoy it.

3 Albums by 3 Icons:

Bob Dylan – Tempest

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Psychedelic Pill

Leonard Cohen – Old Ideas

Anyway, with all that out of the way, I humbly offer a list of my Top 10 favorite albums of 2012:

10. Lambchop – Mr. M

9. Cahalen Morrison & Eli West – Our Lady of the Tall Trees

8. Will Johnson – Scorpion

7. Father John Misty – Fear Fun

6. Woods – Bend Beyond

5. The Black Swans – Occasion for Song

4. Elephant Micah – Louder Than Thou

3. Simon Joyner – Ghosts

2. Hiss Golden Messenger – Poor Moon

1. Water Liars – Phantom Limb


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