Jeremy Squires – Central Nervous Station EP


Sometimes I dread cleaning out my inbox, but while digging through the rubble of bad press releases and submissions I manage to find this golden nugget of music from North Carolina singer-songwriter Jeremy Squires. Until just a few days ago I had no clue that he even existed, and a man with this amount of talent should be heard the world over. Squires’s emotional, Southern vocals combined with simple, heartfelt lyrics and thoughtful acoustic arrangements has made his new EP, Central Nervous Station, a revelation to a tired set of ears. A collection of dimly lit lamentations, this EP casts a blue light that sets a depressed atmosphere with weeping steel guitars and intricate fingerpicking all the while comforting the soul with the knowledge that someone else has felt the same heartache. Personally, this is the kind of music that inspires me to continue writing. It’s melancholy melodies like this that warm my body from the inside out with their themes of yearning, sadness, and heartbreak. And I realize that some of you might find it strange, but it’s these themes that are all too familiar, and I’m a creature of habit that finds this abonormal comfort in musical misery.

Stream & Buy Central Nervous Station
Jeremy Squires: Website; Facebook; Twitter; ReverbNation

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