Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats

The dry air and high altitudes of Colorado must be good for the new breed of young bluegrass bands.  In the same company as other mountain state champs, The Lumineers and The Hackensaw Boys, Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats play a catchy, high energy version of bluegrass.  Their new song, “GreyHound,” has that cold and lonely feel that brings to mind the minor key winter classics “Hazy Shade of Winter”and “California Dreaming.”  They’re a string band, yeah, and they have some of that old timey vaudeville thing going on but they mix it with some great pop sensibilities and end up with a unique sound.  I was also tempted to say that Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats have totally skirted any jamgrass tendencies but when I heard the wah-wah pedal on the violin at about 3:15 into the song, I realized that must have been wishful (and  admittedly, biased) thinking.  Regardless, it’s a great song that makes me anxious to hear more.

Word has it they’ll be heading in to the studio in February and will have a new album out sometime this spring.  In the meantime, you can check them out on tour (head to their website for details).


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