Pickering Pick – (Tropic)


Prolific songwriter Pickering Pick has just released a new album and follow-up to last year’s Prayer Flag titled (Tropic). And, with an Audubon-influenced insect lithograph reminiscent of those large, antique nature books used to showcase a species’ raw perfection, (Tropic) is a perfect example of folk music. An Englishman turned Californian, Pickering Pick’s music is everything you would expect from a songwriter who has made this kind of transition — warm, serene, poetic, and organic. Like his previous albums, listening to (Tropic) is a spiritual experience. It’s not spiritual in a religious sense, but it does affect and stir the spirit. His gentle performance and restraint allows you to meditate and focus on what is important — the eloquent lyrics, exquisite fingerpicking, and beautiful vocals — while becoming one with the songs. Pickering Pick is a rare talent who has the ability to create gorgeous, minimal music that makes you long for his longings and dream his dreams completely absorbing you into his words and world.

Stream & Buy (Tropic)
Pickering Pick: Bandcamp; Facebook; Twitter; Yer Bird


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