Mike Tod – The California Recordings


I told myself that I would “fast-track” a review for Mike Tod’s new album The California Recordings, but, then, I thought that I wanted to give it a thoughtful and worthy write-up, which obviously isn’t happening. I can try my damnedest to write something thoughtful, but why give too much thought to an album this excellent? What is there to think about? The California Recordings speaks for itself. It really is a great piece of folk music that showcases the songwriting and spirit of the true troubadour within Mike Tod. Written during his trek through the rugged and forested lands of Northern California, this album was recorded live on tape on a single afternoon capturing the essence of his free-spirited folk and travels. And, as y’all already know, I’m a bit partial to the Appalachian folk music of my home, but Tod’s woodsy folk brings about a new appreciation for the rustic music of the Pacific Northwest. His ability to bring to life the romanticism of traveling on the road feeds the desire of my heart as a wannabe rambling woman and makes me want to pack up and head to the Sierra Nevada and the redwooded wilderness of Northern California.

Stream & Buy The California Recordings
Mike Tod: Website; Twitter; Cabin Songs
Cabin Songs: Website; Facebook; Twitter

You’ll Have To Excuse Me from Dylan Rhys Howard on Vimeo


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