Shaker Steps and Common Folk Music Presents Justin Paul Lewis featuring Michael Felker


It has been about two months since Shaker Steps launched their take away video blog, and already they’re getting a lot of buzz for their work showcasing Lexington, KY in an unique and creative way. Recently receiving mad props from Lexington radio station WUKY, the guys from Shaker Steps were interviewed as well as their guest artist Justin Paul Lewis who was in town to play Natasha’s Bistro in support of his upcoming EP, Rinse, Repeat, Rewind.

Produced by Ben Sollee, Rinse, Repeat, Rewind is an eclectic mixture of rock, soul, jazz and more making it hard to accurately describe. However, this four-song collection contains what is probably the most repeated song at my house — “Salt.” It’s my jam, and, if I didn’t already love the studio version, Justin Paul Lewis makes me love the following version more.

“Salt” (album version)

While in Lexington, Justin met up with the Shaker Steps crew to shoot a session at the Barrel House Distillery. Featuring trumpet player Michael Felker, these videos beautifully capture this rare occasion and in Justin’s words: “It was nice to play intimately with Mike like that. We are usually on stages with mics and monitors feeding us with sound. At the distillery it was just us and a bunch of bourbon.” Nothing exemplifies this more than this particular performance of “Salt.” In this video, Mike’s trumpet lends a sultry jazz quality creating a sexier version that I just can’t get enough of. It’s hot. Usually leaving me wanting a cigarette afterwards and I haven’t smoked in years.

The next video, “This House Is Ours,” is a sentimental little tune with more excellent jazz trumpet paired with Justin’s rich voice and laid back guitar making it as smooth as the bourbon served that day.

Justin Paul Lewis is finishing up a small tour supporting Rinse, Repeat, Rewind, which is due to be released sometime in the near future, so keep an eye out and an ear to the ground.

Justin Paul Lewis: Website; Facebook; Twitter
Shaker Steps: Website; Facebook; Twitter; Youtube
Barrel House Distilling Company: Website; Facebook
WUKY: Website; Facebook; Twitter


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