Shaker Steps Added To Kentucky Educational Television’s Programming This Fall

Shaker Steps

Former Common Folk Music writer and good friend, Derek Feldman, recently left the comfortable confines of this humble site to team up with friend, Mark Rush, to create a little blog you may have heard of before — Shaker Steps. Since its inception, the Lexington, Kentucky-based Shaker Steps has made it their mission to showcase talented, independent, local and not-so-local artists while featuring unique businesses and landmarks the city has to offer. With Derek in the Executive Producer’s chair and Mark as Creative Director, this dynamic duo has produced exquisite, high-quality “take-away”- style live music sessions that connect the audience with the artists. Now, no longer just a website, Kentucky Educational Television (KET) has taken them on and has added this interesting and respected source of music to their roster of programming. They have brought you a variety of acts like Tyler Childers, Justin Paul Lewis, Paul K, Tim Eriksen, Vandaveer, and William Tyler, so tune-in this Fall to watch to see which artists they bring to your living room televisions.

And, as an added personal note: Although I know Derek isn’t leaving and hasn’t exactly left me, because there are many more opportunities to collaborate and work together, but I just want to take this chance to thank him for all his work on CFM, and, most importantly, his friendship. I’m so lucky to have a like-minded comrade to share this love of music, and I’m pleased as punch with the success that Shaker Steps has had with both Derek and Mark at its helm.

Shaker Steps: Website; Facebook; Twitter; YouTube
Kentucky Educational Television (KET): Website; Facebook; Twitter; YouTube; Pinterest


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