Shaker Steps and Common Folk Music Presents Small Houses

Small Houses - Seventeen in Roselore - Shaker Steps

It’s that time again, time to post another Shaker Steps session. This time, it’s Small Houses (aka Jeremy Quentin) playing at Minton’s at 760, an unique cafe located in Lexington, Kentucky.

A day or two before this session was taped, I was able to meet Jeremy and watch him perform at a house concert in Parkersburg, West Virginia, which was a show that was a long time in the making. Last year, Jeremy was supposed to do a house concert at the Quincy Hill House in Parkersburg, but a few hours before it was to start, I got a phone call from him telling me that his car broke down in a town about three hours away. So, of course it was canceled and John and Jeremy eventually rescheduled. After a long wait (or what seemed like a long wait), the day I would finally see Small Houses play came and John and I get this tweet: “the car just broke down, but I already have her up and running! I will be playing tonight!” There are two things I can assume happen when Small Houses rolls into the state: 1) Jeremy’s car can’t handle the West Virginia mountains, and/or 2) The West Virginia mountains love Jeremy so much they want to keep him around for a while.

Small Houses is currently touring parts of the Midwest before leaving to tour in Europe in support of his latest album, Exactly Where You Wanted To Be. Released in February via Yer Bird Records, Exactly Where You Wanted To Be is a wonderfully bitter-sweet collection of songs about leaving like “Oh, Hiding Out” and growing up in Michigan like “Seventeen in Roselore,” which he plays in the session below. When I asked Jeremy about the prevalent theme of leaving, he replied that he had wrote the album while on a small tour in late Winter/Early Spring of 2012. And, as for the ubiquitous Sarah, she knows who she is.

Stream & Buy Exactly Where You Wanted To Be
Small Houses: Website; Facebook; Twitter; Bandcamp; Youtube; Yer Bird
Shaker Steps: Website; Facebook; Twitter; Youtube
Minton’s at 760: Website; Facebook
Yer Bird: Website; Facebook; Twitter; Bandcamp


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