Mountain Stage: “Where Musicians Come To Play” and Tradition Lives


I have never participated in the “30 Days of Thanks” on Facebook, but there are some things I’m thankful for: music and Mountain Stage. For me, NPR’s Mountain Stage represents everything that is right in music. Created by Larry Groce, Francis Fisher, and Andy Ridenhour in 1983, it’s one of the longest running live music performance shows on radio and that isn’t just a happy mistake. With their impeccable ears for talent, discerning taste, and incredible work ethic, this trio has propelled the musical variety show into a national institution and West Virginian tradition. It is now and always has been a place where musicians want to play. Taped live in Charleston, West Virginia at the Culture Center Theater and other various venues throughout the United States, the show is then broadcast worldwide by NPR. Mountain Stage showcases popular bands and musicians as well as introduces independent artists to their radio audience. This year Mountain Stage has been celebrating 30 years of shows and has recently aired its 800th episode. As a way to commemorate the legendary program, West Virginia Public Radio is retracing its history in an hour-long retrospective with interviews from artists who have performed on its stage. “Mountain Stage at 30: A Radio Retrospective” airs on West Virginia Public Radio at 8:00 pm, Thursday (Thanksgiving) night. You can listen to a preview of retrospective here. If you want to find out more about Mountain Stage and/or listen to a live show, visit their website and check your local radio listings for time and station.

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