Best Albums of 2013

Cat in headphones

I know I haven’t written much this year and I have resolved to change that in 2014, but until then, here is a list of my favorite albums which I fondly think of as the best of 2013.


zachary lucky the ballad of losing you



sarah jarosz build me up from bones

dawes stories don't end

kill county dust in wire

5. Southeastern, Jason Isbell

4. Wyoming, Water Liars
water liars wyoming

jeremy squires when will you go

doc feldman sundowning at the station

john moreland in the throes

Honorable Mention: Songs:Ohia‘s Magnolia Electric Co. 10th Anniversary Edition would have been #1, but I felt that the “Best Albums of 2013” should be reserved for albums and albums released in 2013 only, not re-released albums or EPs. Nevertheless, this extraordinary album holds a special place in my heart and deserves recognition regardless.



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