Haley Bonar – Wntr Snds

Spotify has gotten a lot of press this year. Some positive, some negative. But as Jeremy Sroka pointed out in his article “Why U No Talk About Bandcamp,” Bandcamp is the bomb. From the get-go, they have put musicians first. Now, after five years of service, they’re beginning to make headway in providing a top notch experience for music consumers.

On that note, I received an email from Bandcamp today notifying me that Haley Bonar released a new EP called Wntr Snds. Haley is a woman who knows about the winter. Although she now lives in balmy Minneapolis, she grew up in Duluth, Minnesota where the high temp for tomorrow is forecasted to be zero. Or, as some say, “a high of nothing.” Wntr Snds consists of a handful of instrumentals and a couple of her more traditional folky tracks. It’s pay-what-you-like, so you can’t go wrong. My favorite is “like ice and cold.” Take a listen: