Q & A with Scott H. Biram

nothing but blood
Grit, dirt, booze, and 18-wheelers are often associated with country-blues-punk rock foot-stomper, Scott H. Biram. Not often do you link him with a baptism, but you’ll find Biram emerging from a crimson river in some state of ecstasy, guilt, or deliverance on the cover of his new album, Nothing But Blood. Recorded at his home in Austin, TX, Nothing But Blood is a catalog of hardcore stories of wrongdoings and redemption with a shit-ton of soul and spirit. Although no one knows whose blood is in those baptismal waters, we are certain that Biram is no stranger to it, second chances, and rebirth. As a life principle, blood is an integral part of our lives (obviously) and religious rites as it is usually used as an offering for atonement and blessings. So, whether this is what Biram intended, I’m unsure. But, there is no doubt that Biram offers his blood, sweat, tears and soul sacrificing himself to and for his music, and Nothing But Blood is a loud and spiritual declaration of just that.

With that being said, Biram was kind enough to answer a few questions about himself and Nothing But Blood.

CFM: What can you tell us about the new record, Nothing But Blood?

Biram: I’m excited for it to be coming out. It’s been finished since July ’13 but we had a few speed bumps on the business end of things and had to hold off. I’m ready to see what the people have to say about it. It’s a typical “Biram Release” for me. A little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll…a little bit blues, a little bit heavy metal.

CFM: What influences your music and drives you to continue performing?

Biram: My two biggest influences in my songwriting are probably my growing up in a small country town, and being on the road. I write about a lot of stuff and I’m influenced by a lot of things but these two are what I seem to go back to the most.

As far as continuing to perform. I have to. It’s built in to me. I have to play for people and perform. I’ve always been like that. Also my bills aren’t going to pay themselves!…and it takes money to make money.

CFM: What do you think has been your biggest break or greatest opportunity?

Biram: I hate to say it but I think my head-on collision with an 18 wheeler back in 2003 got me a lot of press! Heh. I don’t recommend it though!

Honestly, I think the biggest thing that has given me the little bit of success I’ve experienced is that I have worked very hard for all this. I have never treated this like something that should just be handed to me. There’s a lot of kids out there these days that think that’s how it works…that one day somebody just sees your band and says “Hey, here’s a shit ton of money. Keep doing what you’re doing.” I’m sure there are people that this actually happens to but it’s not typical. Also people who let others take the reins for them on the music business aspect have a tendency to get ripped off. I’m in this for the long haul. Even if I had a big hit, I’ve come too far and done too much already to be a one hit wonder. I’m a no hit wonder! Ha!

CFM: What song would you most like to be known for? Why?

Biram: I don’t have any one song. They’re all important to me.

CFM: What has been the wildest thing that has happened while touring?

Biram: Crazy stuff happens all the time…or not. My mind always go blank when I get to this question. Meeting Billy Gibbons back stage a couple years ago at my show in Hollywood was pretty awesome. He’s a big guitar hero to me. Playing on The Tonight Show was pretty awesome. I think the most intense thing to happen on tour was the time I went out by myself and drove through four blizzards. I saw a bald eagle flying through the snow in a little break in a whiteout I was driving through. I knew I was going to be ok. ‘merica. Heh.

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Scott Biram: Website; Facebook; Twitter


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