Remembering Jason Molina: Jerry DeCicca’s Tribute

Photo by Jodi Miller

Photo by Jodi Miller

As part of a series called “Remembering Jason Molina,” I’m collecting stories about Jason and his impact on songwriters, musicians, and music writers. These are all individual tributes, on how Jason has affected their music, their perception of music, or just anecdotes on meeting him or seeing him live. Each story is being posted to surround and promote the new album Farewell Transmission: The Music of Jason Molina, which not only celebrates Jason’s music, but will also help the Molina family and MusiCares with its proceeds.

In this “edition”, Jerry DeCicca from The Black Swans, writes about the time he met Jason while opening for Magnolia Electric Co. in Des Moines, Iowa. The Black Swans also covered Songs: Ohia’s “Two Blue Lights” for Farewell Transmission. You can listen to their steamy version replete with billowing lap steel and hypnotic vocals below.

Photo by Will Claytor

Photo by Will Claytor

I first met Jason when The Black Swans opened for Magnolia Electric Co. in Des Moines, Iowa in 2006. He paid for my beers as we shot pool, fist pumping when he liked a song on the jukebox, and constantly name-dropping his more famous friends the whole time. Out of nowhere, he said, “You know, I know Jeff Tweedy.” I’ll never forget that. And when I scratched on the 8 ball, he smiled and said “A win’s a win! You buy the next beer.” That night, I understood Jason was the perfect rock star: he owned every stage he stood upon and was uncomfortable in his own skin– a recipe for artistic greatness.

–Jerry David DeCicca, The Black Swans

Purchase Farewell Transmission: The Music of Jason Molina: Amazon; iTunes
Jason Molina: Website; Secretly Canadian; Graveface Records
Magnolia Electric Co.: Website; Secretly Canadian; Facebook
The Black Swans: Website; Facebook; Twitter
Jerry DeCicca: Website; Facebook; Twitter


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