Elephant Micah – Where in Our Woods


It has been so long since I’ve actually posted something other than a Molina tribute, so I may be a bit out of practice. Please bear with me as I try to get back to my ol’ bloggin’ self, and as I do, I would like to begin with Elephant Micah’s new album Where in Our Woods, which is absolutely stunning.

Elephant Micah, also known as Joseph O’Connell, takes a little departure from his previous albums on Where in Our Woods. On this album, O’Connell leaves the experimenting behind and opts to take a more traditional folk path. On it you’ll hear a more stripped-down sound with just vocals, guitar, a pump organ, and drums (provided by his brother, Matthew O’Connell) weaving in and out of tales of his childhood home in Indiana. A folklorist by trade, O’Connell has always used his profession to create interesting stories, but his talent shines remarkably bright on Where in Our Woods because of its collection of masterfully minimal songs. And, as the ever consummate folklorist, O’Connell anthropomorphizes vultures giving them a voice bemoaning the fast-paced world by the adoption of Daylight Savings Time in “Slow Time Vultures”, while he combines three stories taken from the headlines of his hometown newspaper in “Albino Animals”: hunters killing an albino deer, a hometown rower’s disastrous transatlantic passage, and drug addicts avoiding prosecution after setting a trailer on fire cooking meth. These are just a couple of beautifully crafted songs from an extremely exquisite album that showcases O’Connell’s ability to write captivating Midwestern narratives. And, it is an album that has kept me company through this cold and harsh winter.

Buy Where in Our Woods
Elephant Micah: Website; Twitter; Bandcamp


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