Andrew Bryant – This Is The Life


Andrew Bryant’s album, This Is The Life, gives the listener — us — a little glimpse into his life and thoughts. Known for his low harmonies in Water Liars, Bryant showcases the depth of his voice and songwriting talents TITL. Throughout the album, he eloquently expresses the struggles of his life (or life in general) without the bullshit.

Bryant starts the album encouraging himself to do what he loves in the gentle anthem “Do What You Love.” He continues the theme in the next track “Losing My Shit.” With gritty garage guitar, Bryant loses his shit doing what he loves. By releasing all of his love and emotion in a song and working hard at it, it becomes a beautiful thing. And, I whole-heartedly agree. “Keep It Together” is moody and brooding with the driving guitar that matches the determination Bryant sings about in the song.

Bryant is at his vocal best in “The Free.” His voice is rich, thoughtful, and soulful with a sadness that is enhanced by the haunting cries of the steel guitar. The reflections coupled with the retro sound in “It Takes Time” is some of Bryant’s strongest songwriting, while the yearning poetics in “I Want You Final” is intense and strangely sexy. And, the repetive nature of “Fool Heart” is mesmerizing staying with you long after listening to it. I’ve had days where the song has been on repeat in my head. My favorite song on the album, “My Own Saving Grace,” is a heartbreaking hymn of self-preservation and love told through dark imagery, while “Do Your Work” closes out the album. Purposesfully placed at the end, “Do Your Work” reminds himself, as well as us, why he does what he loves — making meaningful music. And, on This Is The Life, Bryant has most definitely found his voice among the whispers on a long dark road.

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