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Lately, most things Appalachian is making a resurgence, especially the folk music. Appalachia is concentrated in western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, western North Carolina, eastern Kentucky, and eastern Tennessee; however, it is important to realize that West Virginia is the only state that can be considered entirely Appalachian. So, as a West Virginian — born and raised — it isn’t hard for me to distinguish authentic Appalachian folk music or good folk music in the Appalachian vein, and I must say that Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle are shining examples of this music tradition. Combining their love of storytelling, interest in the Appalachian music, and their beautiful voices, Anna and Elizabeth do this folk tradition a-world of justice on their new self-titled album, Anna & Elizabeth.

Traditionally, Appalachian music has been centered around the guitar, banjo, dulcimer, mandolin, fiddle, etc., and you can hear most of these instruments on the album, however they’re sparse embellishments that give room for the duo’s harmonies making each song sound as old as the mountains yet as fresh as the mountain air. Their honest, salt-of-the-earth vocals are indicative of the rugged landscape singing about familiar themes of the region — religion, love, death, and work. The amount of respect these ladies have shown the tradition and ultimately the Appalachian culture through these collective songs is extraordinarily reverent and sincere, and that is what I appreciate most about this album. Anna and Elizabeth are world-class preservationists without the pretension because they not only sing the Appalachian songs, they know region firsthand. They do not pay lip-service to Appalachian music simply because it’s what is in vogue, but they have lived it and loved it, and it definitely shows on this album.

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