Video: Jeremy Squires – “Heaven”


For those of you who have actually read this blog, and/or those who know me personally, know that I am a huge fan of North Carolina singer-songwriter Jeremy Squires. I relate to his songs on a deep personal level, but not only that, having known Jeremy, I know that he is a solid and decent human being. And, I believe it is this humanity alongside his life experiences of loss, pain, happiness, and love that make him the great songwriter I have known since early 2013. His ability to write and construct delicate, complex, Southern Gothic songs that beguile worn and restless souls into some kind of peaceful trance where warmth and comfort reside is remarkable, and this could not be more true than with Jeremy’s new song “Heaven”.

Presently, Jeremy is in the midst of finalizing his new album Poem, which he has described as an album of “My personal poetry set to music that document changes in my life as well as my loved ones.” Honestly, I feel like every album Jeremy has released has been some kind of personal diary or book of poems for the world to hear, and, as a result, he has mastered the art. So, as a way to build up his forthcoming album, Poem, Jeremy has been releasing videos. The first, “Somersault“, which has been out for weeks, lovingly describes a lover’s love as the best medicine for his anxiety. The second, “Gift“, has also been out for a while now, and, is as Jeremy explains, a song that describes “when what is lost is finally found.” Now, that brings me to his new release, “Heaven” — the song that I am so proudly premiering. This is a beautiful song filled with haunting imagery and a feeling of being lost while the ethereal strings provided by Andrew Joslyn + Passenger String Quartet swirl around the wistful inflection of Jeremy’s voice. It’s magic.

Unfortunately, Jeremy has not set a release date for Poem, but if “Heaven” and the previous releases are any indication, it will cement his reputation as the poet laureate of modern folk.


Jeremy Squires: Website; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; YouTube; Spotify; Bandcamp

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