Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain


Photo by Laura E. Partain

For weeks I’ve been listening to Courtney Marie Andrews’ new album, May Your Kindness Remain, and there is nothing that I can say that another music critic, blogger, or any random jabber jaw hasn’t already said, but I still want to share my thoughts. So, to sum the album up in a small post, it’s stunning. May Your Kindness Remain is a hymnal to kindness giving the soul a respite from the big, bad world that we are now living. It contains both personal confessionals as well as examples on how to be kind while surviving the suffering that exists today.

For me, there isn’t a standout track because every song on this album is utterly stunning, but if I had to choose the one thing that has caught my attention, well that would have to be Andrews’ emotive and passionate voice. Each song is centered around a theme of kindness, but with their own peculiar character whether it be soft and tender, bluesy, or gospel-y while remaining compassionate and empathic, and this is due to the range of Andrews’ extraordinary vocals. And, at times…well, the majority of the time…her voice is reminiscent of great legends like Joni Mitchell and Linda Ronstadt — gorgeous, expressive, warm, and straightforward.

May Your Kindness Remain is perfect and you’ll be hard pressed to find another album this flawless. Andrews’ message is one that has been missing in my life and it is most definitely a message the world needs to hear. Her words are both sage advice and sweet personal sentiments about and to former loves, current love, friends, and strangers alike. So, be kind to yourself and listen to this album, let it sink in, and live its message.



Buy May Your Kindness Remain: Website; Amazon; iTunes; Bandcamp
Courtney Marie Andrews: Website; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; YouTube; Spotify


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