Olentangy John – EP Commuter

Olentangy John - Commuter

I have been a fan of Olentangy John (aka John Atzberger) since his last album Doggerel in 2012, and let us not forget that pretty awesome cover of Jason Molina’s “Whip-poor-will” he did for my Molina tribute project. Anyway, a very interesting guy, John makes guitars and is a student of Appalachian folk, folk, and music in general. His sound could always best be described as making the old sound new, but there is something more modern and unexplainable underlying the songs on his new EP, Commuter. A list of tracks that chronicle his commutes home in the Hudson Valley while also maintaining the common theme that life is always in motion changing and “commuting” — new jobs, moving to new homes and new towns, and becoming new parents. Commuter will be released on June 12th via Trailer Fire Records, and I hope everyone will listen because it will probably be the best thing you’ll hear today, tomorrow, and in the future.


Trailer Fire Records
Olentangy John: Facebook

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