“Fortune” – Wye Oak

Wye Oak

Photo: Kendall Bailey Photography

I’m completely obsessed and enamored with Wye Oak’s most recent song, “Fortune”. I know, I know, I’m behind in the times again, but that’s what happens when life strikes and a two year old doesn’t leave you alone long enough to finish a thought. I just wanted to share the song and my humble thoughts on the track.

Anyway, back to the song. Wye Oak really hit the jackpot with this song. It’s a shimmering, glistening piece of dreamy-electronic-folk. It’s just as delicate as a fragile crystal while at the same time as strong and durable as a diamond. It’s one of the first times Jenn Waser and Andy Stack have lived in the same city since 2012, and it really shows – the constancy, the togetherness, and the maturity. This amazing piece of dreamy electronica swirls around and pulsates in your head while the guitar riffs in the chorus are unexpected and blows the mind. This is a song that would put Beach House to shame (and, that is just my opinion, folks). It’s probably one of the most attractive songs from Wasner and Stack in a while. Wye Oak aare golden with “Fortune”.


Purchase & Stream “Fortune”: BandcampAmazoniTunes; Spotify
Wye Oak: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram


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