The Neon Skyline – Andy Shauf

Neon Skyline
Canadian singer-songwriter, Andy Shauf, is truly gifted when it comes to storytelling and the narrative-based songs, and it really shows on his new album The Neon Skyline. He has the ability to transport his listeners into his world where we have the opportunity to watch what is happening first hand. Andy’s knack for conceptualizing albums around towns, parties, and about a couple of friends’ night out at the local pub talking about an ex who is back in town.

Each song on The Neon Skyline is an intimate bar stool dialogue accompanied by Shauf’s instrumentation and an easy soft-rock that masks the intensity of the subject and emotions. The Neon Skyline is a nostalgic collection of wistful songs laced with a sense of humor, but sounds like his relationship with Judy is lacking closure. Each song is a standard of quiet realizations and insights that most — if not all — adults have faced at some point their lives.

Andy Shauf: Website; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram
Purchase The Neon Skyline: iTunesAmazon; Bandcamp


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