Will Stewart – “Southern Raphael”

will stewart_way gone

“Southern Raphael” is Will Stewart’s lead single from his new EP, Way Gone, released on May 8th via Cornelius Chapel Records. A synth-driven, rootsy rock track that is fascinating and complex with its anthology of stories about brief encounters with interesting characters. Stewart told American Songwriter about “Southern Raphael,” “I wanted it to tell a story of those chance encounters you have with transients who make an impact on you, and how strange and beautiful it can be knowing that you’ll never see that person again.” And, he masterfully accomplished his intent by bringing each character to life. He even makes a reference to the band Morphine, which I seem to be on some cosmic kick lately — First, with my last Q&A with John Statz who often collaborates with Morphine’s former drummer, Billy Conway, and, secondly, this song. This makes me happy that there are more people familiar with Morphine, and, possibly, more who will become familiar with their work. So, if you are feeling the vibe “Southern Raphael” is putting out, then go check out his new EP.

Purchase Way Gone: Bandcamp; Website; Amazon
Will Stewart: Website; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Spotify


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