Land of Talk – “Diaphanous”

land of talk - joseph yarmush

Photo by Joseph Yarmush

Due to the pandemic the release date for Land of Talk’s new album Indistinct Conversations has been pushed back for the end of July. However, new songs have been released “Weight Of That Weekend”, “Compelled”, and “Diaphanous” to tide us over until we can get our hands on the album.

“Diaphanous” is the album’s stunning opening track and exactly exemplifies its meaning — light, delicate, and translucent. Elizabeth Powell’s songwriting and airy arrangement floats and hums building up to the anthemic refrain, ” I get caught up in the wrong stuff.” In the press release Powell writes, “What begins as an airy groove swells into a sweeping anthem for going easy on oneself. And, the importance of levity.”

Land of Talk’s Indistinct Conversations is due for release via Saddle Creek on July 31st, and is available to pre-order now.

Pre-Order Indistinct Conversations
Land of Talk: Website; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Spotify; Bandcamp; YouTube



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