Jeremy Squires – Many Moons

When Jeremy Squires started writing Many Moons it was with all intentions of being his last album. He felt it was time to move on to something different, but that was until he realized that the album he had just made was special. It was by far the best thing he has ever written. Many Moons conveys everything Jeremy has felt, been through, current feelings, what his family was going through, and what was happening in his life.

The album starts with “Hazy” — a song that speaks volumes about depression, contemplating suicide, and mental health struggles that he and so many people face on a daily basis, therefore it is a song people can relate to. This post punk, New Wave-esque track is driven by only the snyth and drums. Jeremy composed the song to be both catchy and beautiful while also placing attention solely on the vocals to draw the listeners creating a canvas for what is to come in the album.

“Cast Spells” is a song that Jeremy wrote years ago and has gone through many changes before ultimately finding its place on Many Moons. On this song, Jeremy plays only the guitar and drums, because, again, he wanted prominent vocals that cut through and hit hard.

The most personal song on Many Moons is “Vanishing” — a song about severe mental illness and drug addiction. The song is about dealing with the guilt of passing Bipolar Disorder down to his son, and facing his mother’s and father’s addiction issues and mental illnesses. It also speaks in detail about his son’s addictions. “Vanishing” perfectly and vividly paints a picture of the realities and delusions of addictions and mental illness.

Jeremy’s favorite song on the entire album is “Swan Dive”. It features Whit Wright on pedal steel while Jeremy plays all of the other instruments — drums. bass, and guitar. “Swan Dive” is both heartbreaking and beautiful. An euphemism for suicide as well as a graceful dive with arms out and head back making it another very personal song about confronting his feelings about his mother’s struggles with addiction, mental illness, and loss.

Jeremy Squires really opens up on Many Moons, and like every album before he plays what he feels creating something unique and personal. While recording the album, a lot happened in Jeremy’s life causing him to find himself again, and that is why Many Moons is his favorite album to date. However, unlike previous albums, Jeremy experiments with different instruments and compositions while also managing to stay true to his own distinct sound. And, as far as the future goes, he doesn’t know how many records he will make, but he does know that Many Moons will not be his last.

Purchase Many Moons: Website; Bandcamp; Amazon

Jeremy Squires: Website; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; YouTube; Bandcamp


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